Reading Group – Curation as an active verb

Looking again at RAQS Collective Raqs Media Collective founded 1992, in Delhi Raqs Media Collective (Monica Narula, Jeebesh Bagchi & Shuddhabrata Sengupta) follows its self-declared imperative of ‘kinetic contemplation’ to produce a trajectory that is restless in its forms and methods, yet concise with the infra procedures that it invents. The collective makes contemporary art, […]


Raspberry Pie

Meet Dave Griffiths and show him my plans for installation and run through some ideas including having sensors to trigger sound and also ability to record audience and playback buy raspberry pie – comes with Scratch programme – which is easy to use look at magnet or light sensors possibility of setting up microphone from […]


Reading Group 270218 – Relational Aesthetics

Relational Aesthetics – Nicolas Bourriaud (1998) Relational form….http://post.thing.net/files/relationalaesthetics.pdf Notes Critical study of forms of the present product of Modernity – 20th century advancement and belief that all could be better exploitation moved – technology and progress broadening of art forms look at Plastic Fantastique – sensual material pg 7/8 – Form of the work different […]


Hadrian Pigott

Advised before to look at Pigott  in my second year and have been advised to look again – so reacquainted myself there is something quite beautiful about the objects that he makes – I enjoy their humour and immediate pleasure investigates fetishism of domestic manias and associated lunacy of consumer choice, social implications of consumption, […]