‘There’s no place like home’

Simultaneously both robust and delicate in her approach to form, Eden works with domestic narrative and material.

Piping and empty vessels feature within the pieces to conceal, transport and reveal matter.


I consider if the domestic and memory can only conjure a chimera of Home. Perhaps this is because the reality of feeling at home, knowing a home, is ephemeral and at best always fleeting. I have been exploring if the domestic operates as a signifier for absence? Is this image of ‘home’ abstract; an unreal place? Does it represent a longing for a home that can never be or one that never existed?

“the past is a country from which we have all emigrated, that its loss is part of our common humanity… And it is this loss that we share”. (Salman Rushdie)

The immediacy and detail of our domestic environment as it appears in visual art causes us to reflect on shared assumptions of the monumental and collective public sphere.  The use of domestic imagery is a vehicle for demonstrating the personal as political. This reverberates; the outside world impacts and travels back to the dining room table. The journey is a constant cycle.

Indices, memories and traces are key in my work and how this narrative can be conveyed through materials and interaction with a space.

Using a variety of materials, I use a process of layering, collaging, cutting and sticking with film, object, space and sticky back plastic.